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Clean Your Hard Drive to Speed up Computer

Wondershare WinSuite fix it all for you in minutes! With only one click, you can speed up your computer and make it run problem-free. In addition, get back your important lost data to save time, protect your personal files and erase any trace of your operations on Windows or online, retrieve forgotten passwords including Windows and Office product keys. Additionally, clone or partition your disk with easily and conveniently.

Platforms: Windows 8 (64&32 bits)/Windows 7 (64&32 bits)/Vista (64&32 bits)/XP (32 bit). Go to Data Recovery for Mac (For Mac Users)

Computers play a more and more important role especially in young people's life. We work with it, communicate with friends through it, get entertaining from it and even shop on it. It brings us significant convenience and saves us so much time. However, if you are staying with a slow computer, that's really sad that you can't enjoy the exciting feelings that the fast speed brings you. Meanwhile, the slow computer may eat your data at some point, as well as waste your important time. This is not allowed to happen on your computer, and here it's the magic for you to fix it quickly and safely.

Why computer slows down?

Computers tend to slow down over time we use it, for the programs we use on computer always leave temporary files and data. These files are scattered on the hard drive and become fragmented, which causes a deadly decrease in performance. They are occupying the space and make hard drive full to slow down disk access and virtual memory functions. Thus we need to clean hard drive at intervals to keep it run smoothly and fast.

How to clean hard drive?

What we usually do is to clean the browsing history such as temporary files, history record, cookies, etc, while this only helps to speed up your web access to a very great extent. If you want your computer to run fast at any time, you need to do more, such as useless update backups, error files, log files, etc. The best way is to choose a professional hard drive cleaner to complete this work. And Wondershare WinSuite 2012 can be a nice choice, which can help to do these all for you with a few click.

Get Wondershare WinSuite 2012 here

Launch Wondershare WinSuite 2012 and go to "Check & TuneUp", where you can completely check and clean your hard drive.

clean hard drive

#. Registry cleaner

Registry is a complex database, and will become more and more bloated as our daily use. Registry redundancy and errors are the top factors that make the computer slow down or freeze. Here this registry cleaner can clean, repair and optimize your registry with a few mouse clicks safely.

hard drive clean

#. Disk cleaner

A large number of debris, cache and junk files are accumulated automatically during your daily computer usage, which slow down disk access and waste disk space. It's better to remove them so that you can use the disk space effectively. This disk cleaner can clean them comprehensively and safely.

how to clean hard drive

#. Smart uninstaller

We install lots of different software in our computer and some of them are difficult to be uninstalled. Stubborn/malicious uninstalls or corrupted uninstalls will leave system debris and keep back door open. Smart uninstaller provides a truly deep and clean uninstall which will save system resources completely and make your computer run smoothly.

 clean up hard drive

#. IE plug-ins cleaner

If you have installed too many plug-ins into your IE, you browser will be slowed down. What's more, some malicious plug-ins might be installed without your permission while you surf the Internet. They will monitor and report your online activities secretly. IE plug-ins cleaner here can remove any unwanted plug-ins for you safely and fast your browsing speed.

 clean a hard drive

#.PC health check

PC health check performs a one-click comprehensive scan on your system. It diagnoses and fixes all system problems including registry, Windows and more, repair potential security leaks, optimizes and cleans up system for performance. It will dramatically improve your system performance and return you a fresh clean and fast PC.

clean my hard drive

Moreover, there are other cleaners as Internet/Computer Privacy Cleaner to protect your privacy, Windows speedup items helping to optimize and boost your computer's startup and stabilize your Internet surfing. All functions here are great for your computer optimization and speedup, and extremely easy-to-use for computer users with any level.

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