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How to Delete Files Permanently with File Shredder?

Wondershare WinSuite fix it all for you in minutes! With only one click, you can speed up your computer and make it run problem-free. In addition, get back your important lost data to save time, protect your personal files and erase any trace of your operations on Windows or online, retrieve forgotten passwords including Windows and Office product keys. Additionally, clone or partition your disk with easily and conveniently.

Platforms: Windows 8 (64&32 bits)/Windows 7 (64&32 bits)/Vista (64&32 bits)/XP (32 bit). Go to Data Recovery for Mac (For Mac Users)

What is a File Shredder?

When you erase, wipe and delete your files on your computer, even after you empty the recycle bin, you may think that all the deleted files are lost. Actually the files are just hidden, and you're able to recover the deleted files by professional data recovery software. But a file shredder is to destroy files so that no one in the world can recover your deleted files.

Why Need a File Shredder?

For most files, it makes sense when you erase the files by clicking "delete" or "Shift-delete", but for sensitive files and folders you may need to take extra steps to ensure the files are cleared off permanently. You may look for file shredders when you prepare computer hard drives or memory cards for resale or disposal, or clear web surfing history, particularly on shared computers, and more.

Wondershare WinSuite 2012 is such a reliable file shredder to make your deleted files unrecoverable. It lets you erase IE browser history, computer activity trace records, sensitive data, unwanted or confidential files and do more, so as to protect your privacy efficiently.

How to Use the File Shredder?

Run the file shredder - WinSuite 2012, to completely shred files, here enter to the'Privacy & Security', and choose the 'File Shredder' on the left side menu. Then hit on the "File Shredder" button in the center.

file shredder

Step 1: Add unwanted files

file shredder

Step 2: Remove the useful files that select wrongly or the files that you don't want to delete permanently.

file eraser

Step 3: Shred files

Click "Shred" to erase all the files and folders in the list. The shredded files can't be restored by any tool, so please confirm before the operation. Click "Yes" for the shred operation.

file wipe

More about deleting files:
In order to let our computers work as quickly as possible, when files are deleted from hard drive, computer marks the space taken up by the files with a marker to indicate it can be available for reuse. That means you do not really delete the files until the space with the delete mark is used by other information. And the data recovery software can recover the files that were only marked but not really cleaned up in time, so it is necessary for you to use File Shredder to completely delete the important data that you don't need any more.

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