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How to Fix Operating System Not Found Problem?

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Operating System Not Found

Broken Windows, anyone?The operating system not found error message is one commonly seen by techs and non-technical people alike. If you run into one, it may not be a problem at all. Here's an example:

If you're installing a new operating system to a hard drive or partition, or have just installed a new motherboard, chances are that you have just experienced a minor OS error. Most of the occurrences of the operating system not found error occur during these processes. In many cases, this is simply BIOS related, and can be changed very quickly (and remedied) during the Boot process. There are a wide variety of occurrences of this error, so if you have recently been "tinkering" or have installed a new operating system, take heart, there are many computer forums on the subject which may be able to point you to an answer.

"Operating System not Found" may occur for a wide range of reasons like below:

  • The basic input/output system (BIOS) does not detect the hard disk.
  • The hard disk is damaged.
  • Sector 0 of the physical hard disk drive has an incorrect or malformed master boot record (MBR).

Solutions of Fixing "Operating System not Found":

Now, follow the steps below to do what you need.

Method 1: Verify the BIOS Settings

Verify the computer's BIOS settings to make sure the BIOS lists and recognizes the hard drive. After you confirm that the BIOS is able to detect the hard disk, restart the computer to determine whether the issue is resolved. If you have fixed operating system not found error, or the BIOS can't detect the hard disk, you may have issues with your hardware.

Method 2: Fix "Operating System not Found"

Step 1. Create bootable CD or USB drive with Liveboot in one click

After installing LiveBoot, Run the program. You can see there are two menus for you to choose in the left window. Choose the first one and plug one blank USB drive to the computer. Check USB drive, and click "Burn" to proceed with creating.

system not found

Step 2. Start your computer with the bootable CD/USB

Insert the bootable CD or USB drive into the computer and restart it. When the system begins to load, press F12 immediately to go to the Boot Device Menu. Then select "Onboard or USB CD-ROM Drive", and you'll get a boot menu as follow. Click "Boot from LiveBoot" to get into your computer.

operating system not found

Step 3. Select "Windows Recovery", click MBR Recovery and operating as on-screen instructions.

After accessing the system, go to "Windows Recovery" and select "MBR Recovery" to get the solution.

boot file recovery

Step 5. When MBR Recovery complete, restart your computer to see whether the operating system not found issue if resolved.

Step 6. If system not found error still occurs, restart to LiveBoot again and go to Disk Management/Partition Genius to check whether the Active partition setting is right. If not, mark the proper partition as Active so that the BIOS could find your operating system.

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