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How to Recover Files from USB with USB Recovery?

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Keep it in mind: don't install it on the disk where you lost your data, in case you overwrite it.

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USB Recovery

USB drive bring us great convenience because of its portability. However, USB drive also brings us unpredictable risk of data loss. When USB drive is used to carry percious personal and business data, an accidentally operation like delete or format will cause valuable data loss. System corruption, file system failure, and virus attack are also known reasons for data loss on USB drive. Luckily, USB recovery can help user recover data from USB drive on their own.

Reasons for USB drive data loss

1. Mistakenly or accidentally delete files from USB flash drive

2. Transfering files from USB flash drive to other deivce was aborted and files were deleted

3. Format the USB flash drive because of wrong operation ore carelessness

4. Unpluged USB flash drive while files are transfering

5. Virus attack or other unknown reason causes files deleted or hidden, or USB drive asks formatting when inserted to computer

Are files on USB drive lost forever?

When above situation happens while USB drive contains very important files, people often worries that those important files are lost permanentally and there is no way to recover data from USB drive. In fact, those data deleted from USB drive can still be recovered. The best way to do so is by using USB data recovery software, and don't save any new files to USB drive before files are fully recovered.

First of all, stop using the USB drive

What you should do immediately after USB data loss is to stop using the USB drive, don't save any new files to the drive, don't connect the USB drive to computer unless it's for data recovery. Doing so will minimize the chance of permanent data loss and increase the opportunity to recover files from USB.

This is because that new files could overwrite the space of deleted files which will make them unrecoverable. So before you get your files back, it is very important to not use USB drive for further data transfer, not to edit any documents on USB drive.

USB data recovery Solutions

One way is to send USB drive to data recovery center. However, these data recovery centers normally charge extremely high price, also, user does not have the control of the privacy of their data.

The most effective way to recover files from USB drive is to rely on USB recovery tool, which allows user to recover the files themselves. There are lots of USB data recovery tools in the market, user needs to choose the right one that best fits their needs. A good USB data recovery software should be reliable, and easy to use, and price should be competitive as well.

Wondershare Data Recovery is one of the best USB recovery software that help you recover files from USB drive lost due to deleting, formatting, virus attack, or other unknown reasons.

There's also a Mac version for Mac users: Wondershare Data Recovery for Mac.

This article shows step by step guide to recover lost (deleted/formatted/corrupted) files from USB drive with USB Data Recovery software.

The following situations you may come across in your life, and make your file lost from USB drive:

  • Delete the file by "Shift + Delete", but you just want to move it recycle. Or you use "Shift + Delete" to delete a file wrong.
  • Formatted the USB drive, and later you find some files is very important for you on the USB drive have been formatted, you want to get these important file back.
  • A virus delete some of you file on hard drive or USB drive. You got nothing about that until you want to get the file one day, but you cannot find it anywhere.

If these terrible things happen to you, just keep calm. This article will tell you how to solve the problem and recover the lost data.

Step1. Connect your USB drive to the computer and launch the program on your computer.

usb recovery

Step2. Select the file type that you want to recover.

usb data recovery

Step2. Choose to recover files from your USB drive (External removable devices).

flash recovery

Before scanning, you can check "Enable Deep Scan", which can help to perform a more comprehensive scanning for lost files from your USB drive, such as lost due to formatting. Of course, you also can skip it to scan if you don't have this need, for it asks for much more time.

Step3. Preview and recover files from your USB drive

When performing data recovery, you can't save those recovered files on the same USB drive again. You can save them on other external devices or directly save on your computer.

flash drive recovery

Tips for USB drive usage

1. Backup your files regularly.
Even recovery technology can help recover lost data on a USB drive, but the success rate of USB flash drive data recovery is not 100%, overwrite can make data unrecoverable. Backup files regulary is the safest way to prevent data loss.

2. Do not use USB flash drive after a data loss.
If the space of deleted files are overwritten, no data recovery technology will be able to recover those files. Even in situation where you saved new files to USB drive, you may still have chance to recover your files, but with more activities on USB drive, chances of data recovery are lower.

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