A Complete Windows Solution for Emergency PC Repair and Maintenance

Wondershare LiveBoot 2012

All You Need To Come Back from Crashes

Wondershare LiveBoot 2012 is your "LifeSaver" with the complete PC emergency solution!

Wondershare LiveBoot 2012 is a professional rescue disk providing 40+ tools to meet all emergency repair and maintenance needs for your computer. No matter your computer/hard drive is crashed, doesn’t boot at all, or can’t get into Windows for any other reasons, Wondershare LiveBoot 2012 can take them all.

The software is integrated with the latest Microsoft WinPE technology (100% hardware compatibility) that allows users to create a bootable LiveBoot CD or LiveBoot USB drive, and boot the program directly from that LiveBoot CD/USB. Upon booting, it allows you to fix your computer boot up problem, reset windows password, rescue data, backup and restore file or system, clone and deep wipe disk, manage hard disk (creating partitions, format, clone and sweeping partitions), etc. The user-friendly interface simplifies the complicated repair procedures into only a few clicks for both savvy users and newbie.

Quick, Complete Data and System Recovery

Don't panic. Whether you recycled a few files and now need them back, or your computer seems crashed for good, LiveBoot 2012 ensures you:

  • Recover Windows and your hard drive
  • Recover deleted, reformatted, even corrupted files
  • Reclaim Windows/Office license keys so you can reinstall free
  • Partition and clone your hard drive to free up and speed up

LiveBoot Tutorials

Wondershare LiveBoot Key Features

Main Functions of Boot CD/USB for Windows

  • Complete Windows Problem Solution Center
  • Windows boot file recover utility
  • Partition boot sector recovery utility
  • MBR/DPT/Registry restore tools
  • Dos command and Windows Recovery Console Tools
  • Registry Edit Utility
  • Windows Backup Utility
  • Windows Product Key find utility
  • Recover the deleted file(s)
  • Recover data from the formatted partition/disk
  • Recover data from the raw disk
  • Clone partition from one partition to another partition
  • Clone the whole disk for upgrading or replacing new hard disk
  • Resize/Move partition easily
  • Wipe a partition for cleaning reinstall Windows
  • Wipe your hard disk for discarding or donating the hard disk
  • Clear Windows Admin/User password easily

Boot up Any Computer with a Bootable CD/USB

Boot up Any Computer with a Bootable CD/USB

  • Boot up any desktop or laptop when you cannot enter Windows, your computer crashes, or you want to work under boot environment.
  • Boot up computer by inserting boot CD to your CD drive or plugging in bootable USB, and restarting your computer.
  • Latest WinPE 3.0 technology - 100% hardware compatibility.

Rapidly Rescue any Crashed Computer or Hard Drive

 Rapidly Rescue any Crashed Computer or Hard Drive

  • Boot up computer even if it is infected with virus.
  • Fast recovery from crashes such as bluescreen and blackscreen.
  • Fix booting problems and random crash.
  • Fix missing file crash such as "ntldr is missing", "bootmgr is missing" etc.
  • Repair partition table.
  • Repair corrupt registry.
  • Repair registry key value infected by virus.
  • 1-click system file recovery.
  • Repair crashed MBR even it is infected with virus.
  • Rescue Windows 98/ME/2K/HOME/2003/XP/NT/Vista/7/8.

Rescue data from crashed computer or hard drive

Rescue data from crashed computer or hard drive

  • Transfer files (photo, music, document, etc.) to external storage devices if your computer or hard drive is badly damaged or cannot be restored.
  • Rescue files from formatted or crashed hard drive.
  • Rescue files from crashed Windows.

Reclaim Passwords and Keys

Recover Almost All Lost Files Painlessly

  • Reset Windows password when you forgot the login password.
  • Find Windows key when you want to reinstall them without hundreds of dollars cost.
  • Find Microsoft Office product key for reinstall to avoid a second purchase.

Clone Entire Hard Drive or Partition

Clone Your Entire Hard Drive and Partitions

  • Totally copy entire hard drive to a new one.
  • Support all Windows versions.
  • Support IDE, SATA, SCSI, USB, FireWire, and more.
  • You can clone to an internal disk and external disk.
  • Clone entire hard drive or partition.
  • The cloned hard disk will be bootable!

Partition, Format and Clean Your Disk

Partition, Format and Clean Your Disk

  • Provide perfect partition management - create, delete, resize, format, hide, etc.
  • Flexible enough to clone a partition or entire hard drive to an internal or external disk.
  • Recover your MBR (Master Boot Record), rebuild the lost partition table, and surface scan to check for bad sectors.
  • Deep clean your entire hard drive or partition with 1-click.

Wipe entire hard drive or partition

Wipe entire hard drive or partition

  • Have a fresh start when you want to reinstall Windows.
  • Kill virus when your computer is infected with boot sector virus.
  • Speed up your hard drive when you want to clean an old hard drive.
  • Prevent your data and files from being recovered by any data recovery software after you've donated or sold your computer.

More Features

DOS Command Environment

DOS Command Environment

This DOS boot disk provides MS-DOS command environment with all major DOS commands such as chkdsk, debug, fdisk, DiskCopy, Scandisk, etc.

Recover your Windows CD key

Recover your Windows CD key

Retrieve Windows product key with 1-click from crashed or good computer.

System Requirements

  • Processor: 800MHZ or above (1GHZ is recommended)
  • Memory: 512MB or above (1GB is recommended)
  • Video Card: 1024*768 monitor resolution (1024*768 monitor resolution is recommended)
  • Optical Drive: CD-ROM drive
  • Supported OS: Windows 8/7/XP/2003/Vista (32/64 bit)

The required hardware for booting LiveBoot

  • Processor: 800MHZ or above (1GHZ is recommended)
  • Memory: 512MB or above (1GB is recommended)
  • Video Card: 1024*768 monitor resolution (1024*768 monitor resolution is recommended)
    32MB video memory
  • Optical Drive: CD-ROM drive
  • USB Flash Drive: USB flash drive


If you want to boot your computer from the burned USB flash drive, please make sure that your motherboard supports booting from USB device.
If you want to run data recovery, and disk management under LiveBoot, please ensure that your computer has more than 1G Memory.

Quick Links

Platforms: Windows 8 (64&32 bits)/Windows 7 (64&32 bits)/Vista (64&32 bits)/XP (32 bit).
Go to Data Recovery for Mac (For Mac Users)


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